When and Where

WHEN – Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.  Worship services last for about an hour, with fellowship, coffee, and donuts afterward.

WHERE – Worship services are held at Elevator Factory (437 Memorial Dr. SE), located right across from Oakland Cemetery and right behind Six Feet Under.

PARKING – Free parking is available both in the lot behind the building, and on the surrounding streets.  Feel free to park in the Six Feet Under spaces once the other spots are full.  A big thank-you to Six Feet Under for letting us use their half of the parking lot!

What to Expect

Christ-Centered – Our worship is focused on the most important person in history: Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  In every worship service, regardless of theme, series, or time of year, we will be reminded of this powerful truth: God loves us so much that he sent his own Son to die on the cross for our sins.

Refreshing – As we gather around God’s Word and Sacraments, God comes to us on our terms (lost, broken, hurting, struggling) and sends us out on his terms (redeemed, restored, forgiven.)  It’s the perfect way to refresh and to refuel before stepping out into the world to face another week!

Real – The message of Christianity is for real people, going through real life, with real joys and real struggles. We’re not interested in pretending to be perfect.  We are interested in rejoicing in the forgiveness of our perfect Savior.

Accessible – Our worship service is designed to be accessible to skeptics and doubters.  We don’t assume that everybody knows the Bible like the back of their hand, or even believes everything it says!   We’ll strive to address common doubts and objections during the service, but we also encourage you to speak with Pastor Lucas about any further questions you may have.  Our worship service is also designed to be accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds.  Whether you grew up following a formal liturgy, singing in a praise band, or not going to church at all, we had you in mind as we designed our service!  Our blended worship contains a mix of both old and new, repetition and innovation.  The goal is to present the gospel of Jesus as clearly and passionately as possible.

What does all of this mean?  It means just come!  No matter who you are. . . no matter what you’re wearing. . . no matter what churches you have or haven’t been to in the past. . . .just come, and join us as we celebrate the forgiving love of Jesus our Savior.