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Rejected in his Hometown

Jesus couldn’t speak the good news any more clearly. God had finally sent all of mankind what we had needed for thousands of years – a Savior from our sins! A ticket to eternal life in heaven! But most of the people in Nazareth didn’t even listen to the beautiful content of that message, because they were too distracted by the messenger…

1-on-1 vs. the Devil

Champion warfare was a common practice in the ancient world. The purpose, really, was to save lives. Instead of hundreds of thousands of soldiers shedding their blood all over the battlefield, you just had two soldiers face off, 1-on-1, each one risking their life to potentially save many others.
That’s what Jesus did when he was tempted by the devil in the wilderness: he put his life on the line for all of us, and he came away victorious.

This is My Son

Your baptism is a direct connection with your Savior Jesus. The water went on him, and with it went every one of your sins to be punished and paid for on the cross. The water went on you, and with it came his perfect life – wrapped around you and covering you like a perfect garment.

A 12-Year Old at the Temple

This is the only story from Jesus’ childhood that was recorded in the Bible. And you can see why! Like the sun breaking through the clouds, Jesus’ true identity started shining through. Mary and Joseph remembered, “This is the promised Son of God, who has come to save the world from sin!” And then just like that the moment was over and Jesus obediently walked over to his parents and said “Let’s go home.”

A Toddler Worshiped by Kings

We live thousands of years later, halfway across the world, and speak an entirely different language than the culture in which Jesus was born. LIke the wise men, we’re all “unlikely believers…” But God reached out and found us, because he will go to crazy lengths to share the Savior with the entire world.

Who Is Jesus?

He’s God. He’s also a human being. And he’s both those things at the same time. God and the human race had been disconnected by sin, and the only way for them to be reconnected again was by a mediator with a foot in both camps…

The Greatest Mission in History

Tonight we are gathered because of an even more incredible moment… because of a mission far greater than even NASA sending a spaceship to the dark side of the moon. We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the mission of God sending his own Son down to our world.

He Will Bring Eternal Peace

If we are going to escape the lies and attacks and spiritual warfare of our greatest enemy the devil, then we need a messenger to bring us the good news of victory. To tell us, “Rejoice, we conquer!” And that’s just what God does for us today, through the words of his prophet Isaiah…

He Will Unite the Nations

Grace is the great equalizer. It applies to everybody in the world in the same beautiful, surprising, undeserved way. None of us deserves God’s grace at all. . . .but God gives it to us just the same.

He Will Raise the Dead

Physical life. Spiritual life. Eternal life. The way that it was always meant to be. . . that’s how your story actually will end. Because God sent you a hero at Christmas with the power to raise the dead.

He Will Slay the Serpent

The seeming peace and quiet of Christmas hid the arrival of a powerful warrior coming into enemy territory. The little manger hid something bigger than our whole world. It was our hero, the Son of God, who would win a mighty victory against all the forces of evil, crush the head of that ancient serpent, and bring all God’s children to eternal life.

God’s Treasures

By the grace of our generous God we too can develop a spirit of generosity, which says, ‘I don’t want to waste my money by spending it foolishly, or by saving it for no reason. I want to use my money to actually do things in this world, and thus be a great blessing to the people around me.’

God’s Talents

When Jesus redeemed you on the cross of Calvary, he also redeemed your talents. And being a redeemed child of God sets you free from proudly looking down on other people, or from feeling inadequate compared to other people. Being a redeemed child of God just makes you thankful for your Savior, and excited to use your talents to serve him.

God’s Time

“When we’ve been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise than when we’d first begun.” That’s where your story ends up because of Jesus. Actually it doesn’t end. It just keeps on going…

How to Use God’s Things

Here’s my perception: I own a lot of things. My time. My money. My body. My life. And I’m free to use those things however I want to.
However, here’s the reality: I don’t own anything. Every single thing in my life is temporary, on loan from God. . . .

The Righteousness of God

Do you realize that that’s what Jesus did for you in your baptism, too? He took all of your sin, all of your guilt, everything you have to be ashamed of, and he replaced it with his perfection…


The best part about heaven is not the specific lodging arrangements. It’s the company! Because heaven is the place where you finally get to be with Jesus forever.


When human beings talk about morals, all we do is get bogged down by surface arguments about which actions are good and which actions are bad. But the Bible goes way deeper. It exposes the root problem of immorality in the sinful heart. And then it solves that problem by introducing us to our moral Savior, Jesus.


Your whole life is infused with deep and powerful meaning, because you are a child of the King! You are on a rescue mission to bring good news to the lost! You are part of a story that lasts forever…


These are the implications of a Christian worldview: God sees everything about me. God knows everything about me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. . .

A Life Worth Living

“A Life Worth Living” September 23, 2018 Pastor Lucas Bitter Intown Lutheran Church (Atlanta, GA) Acts 16:16-34 16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. 17 She followed …

A City Worth Loving

What Jonah didn’t realize is that the promises of salvation are not limited to one nation, tribe, people, or language.  It’s not an exclusive club with membership limited to the “good people.”  God’s grace and forgiveness are intended for the whole world, and they always have been. In order to help Jonah “get this,” God used a very unique object lesson.

A God Worth Knowing

For the first time, Saul realized that God’s love is not conditional upon our obedience.  God’s love does not depend on whether or not we are good people, who live good lives.  In fact, it is precisely because we are NOT good people and we do NOT live good lives – it is precisely because we are sinful – that God sent Jesus in the first place.  To live a more perfect life than we could ever live.  To die on the cross and pay for every single one of our sins.  To rise from the grave and conquer death and open heaven to all who believe. 


Christians are not fighting a battle against the people of our world – we’re actually fighting a battle for the people of our world!  We’re fighting to relate to them, to build trust with them, to build friendships with them, to show love to them, and ultimately to share with them that God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever believes in him doesn’t have to perish, but shall have eternal life.


Our sinful minds do not operate on principles of forgiveness and love; they operate on the principle of revenge.   “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  It is because of our sin that the world is stuck in a cycle of revenge.  It is because of our sin that the world is full of hatred and suffering.


God is not embarrassed to deal with us, just like he wasn’t embarrassed to deal with Adam and Eve.  God does not turn his face away from us in disgust.  Instead God loved us so much that he decided to restore our families by dismantling his own.

Things Fall Apart

Jesus “redeemed” us – that is, he bought us.  And we came at a tremendous cost.  Jesus gave up his blood, he gave up his life, and quite literally he gave up his soul.  Perhaps some of you remember that as Jesus was dying on the cross he shouted, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  Jesus was allowing himself to be disconnected from God and punished for all of our sins. . . . so that in turn we could be connected with God, and forgiven.